What to see on the Amalfi Coast

What to see on the Amalfi Coast

A road trip on the Amalfi Coast? Ready! One of the most beautiful stretches of coast of the Italian peninsula, in the province of Salerno, is best revealed by exploring it step by step, maybe with a rental car, take your time. Between sea, sun and culture, between festivals and splendid historical monuments, the Amalfi Coast has fascinated travelers from all over the world for… well, practically forever! Here you go what to see on the Amalfi Coast, in order… from Positano to Vietri sul Mare.

Amalfi Coast means sea, or the scent of lemons that intrigue the warm air of a summer afternoon. The races through the lanes of a noisy city, the voices of the market, an ice cream in the square and a dip in the salt water of the Tyrrhenian Sea, perhaps visiting the splendid Fjord of Furore; the only Italian fjord. Or maybe lie down in the sun in one of the splendid ones beaches that set the coast like a pearl necklace and let yourself be pampered by the sun that is always so strong only in Campania!

Everyone envies it, the Amalfi Coast, and everyone has passed through here sooner or later in life, or has had to deal with the beautiful Gulf of Salerno. The Amalfi Coast is a siren's call: sunny beaches, secret coves and citrus gardens, to be discovered along the Statale Panoramica 163 (Nastro Azzurro), a stretch of winding coast about 50 km long.

We advise you to noleggiare un’auto con autista. The most comfortable solution to get around the Amalfi Coast away from the stress of traffic and enjoy all the views distracting you and not thinking about driving. Especially because a experienced driver of the area is the most ideal thing to ask in order to take advantage of his knowledge of the place in showing you how to satisfy your curiosity!

Are you ready? Start our journey from Positano to Vietri sul Mare, passing through Ravello, Amalfi and Cetara: here is our dreamed road trip on the Amalfi Coast!

1. Positano

There are many legends of local fishermen who have made the name given to Positano mythical. One of the most historically accredited tells that the founders in honor of Poseidon, God of the Sea, gave the name to this splendid city known all over the world for its incredible beauty and for its profile of siren nestled on a breathtaking stretch of coast. We make our first stop on the Amalfi Coast in Positano, with the majolica dome of Santa Maria Assunta to shine already at the first light of dawn. You can choose to enjoy the sun on the beaches of Fornillo and Spiaggia grande, or visit the Grotta La Porta, making you conquered by one delizia al limone (typical dessert) and then walk along the Sentiero degli Dei, a panoramic walk that will leave you speechless reaching the top of the mountain that overlooks the whole coast. You will get lost among the colors of the houses, the alleys full of shops and the spectacular descents to the sea, but then you will find the road again ... After all, it is among these coastal villages that the compass was invented! (But let's talk about it later)

2. Praiano

8 kilometers south of Positano you reach another pearl of the Amalfi Coast: the beautiful village of Praiano. Its beaches, from Marina di Praia to Gavitella, are loved by tourists from all over the world.
The beach of La Praia, admired from above, it will make you appreciate the colors of an inviting sea and the clear and sunny waters of this unmissable stretch of coast. The proximity from Positano makes it a perfect destination for shopping enthusiasts. Take a trip even just to enjoy the beautiful walks and nature trails, which here overlook unparalleled scenarios.

3. Furore

You may not know, but in Furore - third stop of our road trip on the Amalfi Coast - there is the only one fjord that you can admire in Italy. In the stretch where the sea meets the mountain a small bay is formed which welcomes fishermen returning from their daily fishing trip and gives magical moments to tourists who, often by chance, stumble upon these magnificent places ... One of the stages of the MarMeeting, the world championship of diving from great heights .. a show within a show, not to be missed!

4. Conca dei Marini

Here we are, our driver will have already revealed and made you admire many of the small glimpses visible along the stretch of road already traveled. Now, after leaving the incredible Fjord of Furore, you are about to reach the fourth stage of our journey. From the Statale Panoramica 163, which we are traveling on, leads to one of the most great attractions of the coast: the Emerald Grotto. You can reach it via a flight of steps or by lift. It is a cave whose waters inside take the color of the emerald, where stalactites and stalagmites join together to form columns sometimes even more than 10 meters high. On the road there are many old factories of Vietri ceramics che vi sbalordiranno. Dalla Saracen Tower, to the lemon garden of the Church of Sant'Antonio, the stop in Conca dei Marini will make you smile again! Admire it...

5. Amalfi

It is said that Amalfi take its name from the woman loved by Hercules and that, on the shores of this enchanting city, he buried her to cradle her with the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea forever. Legend or not, the incredible history of Amalfi, glorious Maritime Republic, continues to fascinate even today and enchants the visitors who pass through here every year. From the Duomo, to the paper museum (the Amalfi Paper, or Bambagina paper, is a very special paper type), to the Amalfi Compass (the Amalfi story tells of the invention attributed to the Amalfi navigator Flavio Gioia), dalla Valle delle Ferriere (Ironwork Valley) to the shopping in the small shops in the center, you will be spoiled for choice. Let yourself be conquered by the scent of Amalfi lemons, savoring a sorbet or a 'delizia' (special local cake) in front of one of the most romantic landscapes of Italy. Is there anything better in life?

6. Atrani

Our journey continues. Less than 1 kilometer from the center of Amalfi, we reach one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Atrani. The story places the small town with less than 600 inhabitants (the smallest Italian city by number of inhabitants per square meter) as a residential area of the aristocracy and the noblest families of the city of Amalfi. Perched on the rock overlooking the sea, nestled between the Civita and Aureo mountains, this small group of houses will win you over with all its warmth. To visit: the Collegiata di Santa Maria Maddalena, the Grotta di Masaniello, with 500 steps, and the Grotta dei Santi, with beautiful Byzantine style frescoes. The sea of Atrani is wonderful and from here you can get on a boat, for an excursion offshore that will make you lose your mind ...

7. Ravello

It is located less than 6 kilometers from Amalfi, on the slopes of the Lattari Mountains, and is one of the best known and most loved destinations in the Amalfi’s Coast. Perhaps because from here (at 350 meters above sea level) the view over the gulf of Salerno is spectacular. Ravello is an unmissable stop on a road trip on the Amalfi Coast! Visit Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, to realize what a paradise we have brought you to. Very popular in summer by music lovers for the Ravello Festival and lively all year round due to the presence of many reviews, exhibitions and events, Ravello also boasts a beautiful Auditorium and gardens and secret corners to be discovered.

8. Minori

After Ravello, and after passing Scala, the oldest village on the coast, can be reached Minori. A well-known destination and highly appreciated by local VIPs and celebrities. There Villa Marittima Romana and also the Basilica di S. Trofimena are the two main attractions here, after the beauties of the landscape and the coast. The first was built around the 1st century AD. and still retains today numerous frescoes and mosaics. The second has a tripartite facade facing the sea and houses the remains of the Saint whose name it bears. A little stop for a cake - Delizia al Limone - fresh, made by one of the most renowned pastry shops in the area, and off we go ...

9. Maiori

Continuing on our path we meet one of the largest coastal towns in the area: Maiori. Sorge tra Capo d’Orso e il breve promontorio che la divide dalla cittadina di Minori ed è una splendida località balneare collocata sulla piana alluvionale che costituisce la parte terminale del canalone di Tramonti, che può vantare il patrimonio ricettivo turistico alberghiero più ingente presente sulla Costiera Amalfitana. Secondo la storia, le origini della città risalgono al periodo degli etruschi. Il nome originario di Maiori era Rheginna Maior to distinguish it from the nearby town of Rheginna Minor (l’attuale Minori). Dopo la seconda guerra mondiale, nel periodo del neo-realismo, Maiori fu scelta da Roberto Rossellini as a set for some of his movies: PaisàViaggio in ItaliaMiracoloLa macchina ammazzacattivi. Stop for a gastronomic break in the excellent ancient restaurant Saracen watchtower overlooking the sea would not be bad. But now everyone in the car, let's start again!

10. Cetara

Cetara, a name ... an anchovy sauce! This small town on the Amalfi Coast is known all over the world, not just for its crystal clear waters! The tuna with a unique flavor, but above all the famous "Colatura di Alici", they are highly appreciated everywhere and make this small village a few kilometers from Salerno one of the perfect places for a lunch break by the sea. The fishing boats, the historic traps, the breeze that comes from the sea, the relaxed life of a village of about 2400 souls kissed by the sun, make Cetara a paradise you never want to leave.

11. Vietri sul Mare

On the route again. The last stop on our tour of the Amalfi Coast is Vietri sul Mare, the first city you will meet if you decide to make the journey in reverse and start from the beautiful city of Salerno. The water is the blue and crystalline one of the gulf, with coves and dream beaches, sunny and much loved by tourists. The one that deserves a visit is “Due fratelli”, the spikes of rock symbol of the city. Visit the artisan shops with the masters of Vietri ceramics, hand painted, ready to tempt you with their extraordinary creations and fall in love with this little enchanting pearl overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

So, we are at the end of our Road Trip on the 'Divine' Amalfi Coast. We add one last tip if you decide to make it your next holiday destination: choose to live it in relaxation by choosing your destinations, because seeing everything would be impossible in one or two days. With this in mind, we have thought of some packages to take a look at the wonders to which you absolutely cannot say no!

Choose to experience it like a local. You will catch the authentic flavor that has characterized millennia of ancient history and wonder of nature!

Have a nice trip!

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