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Each guest has personal needs and desires. For us the same tour does not mean the same travel plan.

We have always welcomed the requests of our guests by proposing personalized itineraries from time to time to satisfy their wishes. Living your own experience is a founding prerogative of our tours.

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Land Tours and Sightseeing


Characterized by steep cliffs and a rugged coastline dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villages. The coastal road between the port city of Salerno and the rocky ridge of Sorrento winds through sumptuous villas, terraced vineyards and lemon groves overlooking the sea.

The Coast

The 'Divine' Amalfi Coast is a destination for tourists who come from all over to admire the natural and architectural wonders of the villages that compose it. World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast is protected by the UNESCO foundation.

Admire the beautiful Amalfi Coast in the whole of calm with this private tour.

The road was built during the bourbon period is long, 50 km begins in Sorrento to end in Vietri sul Mare, less than a kilometer from Salerno, the capital of the province. Along the way, winding paths and stairways were built in ancient times by the inhabitants of the area that date back to the ancient roman empire.

After you create your journey, sit back, and enjoy along the coast in peace, making stops in the most beautiful villages in the south of Italy:

 Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello

Enjoy the rich history, the architecture, the cuisine, and more of the region before concluding your tour unforgettable.

Sorrento is one of the places closer to the Amalfi Coast, in fact, Positano, which is considered the jewel of the Amalfi Coast is just 40 minutes away.

The most popular villages and are beautiful to visit Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello, and are distributed along 36 miles of spectacular coastline.

A stop in each city will give you the opportunity to wander around the narrow streets of Positano, between the various fashion boutiques, art galleries, artisans still produce hand-made sandals on the measure, and relax on the beach between the various cafes or bars.

You can visit the cathedral of Amalfi, dedicated to the apostle Saint Andrew, or visit the museum of the famous paper by hand or still, visit the park of the Monti Lattari, the keeper of the fern, jurassic, and get inspired by the sensations and smells of the trail of lemons. Finally, admire the beautiful villas of Ravello, the gardens of paradise that thanks to centuries of illustrious guests such as Wagner or St. Francis of Assisi. Maybe you prefer to enjoy lunch in one of the many restaurants located along the street, or again, making several stops along the way in order to take amazing photos.

Here's a sample itinerary:

Starting from Sorrento (the place of your stay), we travel along the famous road ss163 ‘the Amalfi coast’ passing through different villages: the first stage is

  • Positano: the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, also called The “vertical city”, for the peculiarity of the construction of houses, the one on top! Here you will find an hour of walking free to explore the village and take all the pictures you want.

At the end of the visit to Positano proceed along the Coast, passing along the way, to different places and villages of Praiano, a beautiful and peaceful village from which to admire the peninsula in all its glory (and also Capri), and in Fury, with its fjord, unique in Italy, Conca dei Marini, where it is suggested that the visit to the Emerald Grotto, our version of the Blue Grotto of Capri to Amalfi.

  • Amalfi is the town that has more history:
    • You can walk the streets and shops
    • You can also visit the cathedral of Sant'andrea, dedicated to the apostle Saint Andrew
    • Visit the museum of the Arsenals of the Republic or the old Hand made Paper
    • If you prefer, you can have lunch or just a snack in Amalfi, and we can extend the stop

and then...

  • Ravello, which is about 25 minutes drive:
    • Also called the village of the music.
    • Famous for its two magnificent monuments: Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. Take your time to visit the village.

At the end of this beautiful day we return to Sorrento to your accommodation.

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Archaeological and Historical-Cultural Tours


Visit the archaeological park of Pompeii with an authorized guide to make your experience unique and to fully understand the millenary history of one of the unique world heritage sites.


The archaeological city of Pompeii is a destination that is characteristic of the region of Campania and of the suburban territories of Naples. The ruins extend for 440,000 in m2. The archaeological site of pompeii, along with Herculaneum and Oplontis was declared in 1997 by the UNESCO world heritage site.

Starting from the end of the EIGHTEENTH century have been brought to light the remains of the ancient roman city of Pompeii: archaeological surveys have returned not only the paintings, mosaics, furniture, and buildings, but it was possible to reconstruct the way of life in roman times. The city was destroyed in 79 ad by the eruption, the most devastating of mount VESUVIUS.

The first excavations in the area of pompeii, had since 1748at the behest of Charles III of Bourbon following the success of the finds from Herculaneum: the surveys were conducted by Roque Joaquín de Alcubierre, who, believing they are on the trail of the ancient Stabiae, excavated near the hill of Civita different coins and objects of the roman period, in addition to portions of the buildings, which were promptly covered after the exploration. The explorations were soon abandoned because of the meager finds, and resumed only in 1754; in 1763, with the discovery of an inscription, which spoke clearly of the Res Publica Pompeianorumyou sensed that it was the ancient city of Pompeii. With Maria Carolina, wife of Ferdinand IV, and the engineer Francesco La Vega, part of the city, such as the theatre, the temple of Isis, the Triangular Forum, several homes and cemeteries were reported fully in the light and not buried, but left to view; this was during the French domination, at the head of Joachim Murat and his wife Caroline, that the excavations enjoyed a moment of luckit was found in the walls, and brought almost everything to light the area of Porta Ercolano; moreover, thanks to the publications commissioned by Carolina, the fame of Pompeii grew throughout Europe, becoming an obligatory stop on the Grand Tour.

Even today, after centuries of discoveries, Pompeii continues to give us priceless treasures.

La visita al parco archeologico, per chi si affaccia a questa esperienza per la prima volta, è consigliata insieme ad una guida autorizzata o audioguida.


The royal palace of Caserta is one of the historic royal palace, with annexe park, located in Caserta. Commissioned in the EIGHTEENTH century by Charles of Bourbon, king of Naples and Sicily, on a project by Luigi Vanvitelli, occupies an area of 47 000 m2, with more than 1 000 000 m3, is the royal residence in the world's largest by volume.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"The location is of exceptional beauty, in the lush plain of the world and with extensive gardens that extend into the hills; an aqueduct there leads to a entire river, who gives drink to the palace and its surroundings, and this mass of water, you can transform it, riversandola on artificial rocks, in a beautiful waterfall. The gardens are beautiful and harmonizes much with this district, which is only one garden."
The royal palace is located at the western end of Caserta, a city that owes its development to the royal complex: in fact, the ancient centre of Caserta is to be found in what was then called Casertavecchia, while, today's city, was, before the construction of the palace, a village, called The Tower, the name derives from a tower of the Acquaviva d'aragona.

The square in front has an elliptical form, and once the site of military parades, and according to the project, to the sides, had to rise the slots for the royal guards, then not implemented. In 1789, Giuseppe Maria Galanti, visiting the palace has not yet completed, he wrote:

"The main facade, noon to Naples has a beautiful square shape elliptical, which contains the stables. From Naples, you must enter into this square for a way magnificent, adorned with four rows of elms, that are already trained, and willing."

(Giuseppe Maria Galanti)

In the square had to reach an avenue, a length of about fifteen kilometers, which connected the palace in Naples, also partially implemented.

The royal palace is a popular feature and is already by its imposing facade you have the idea of progress and of science and the Bourbon loved to show off and promote. Between the vestibule, court, grand staircase, royal apartments, the garden and waterfalls, the royal Palace of Caserta will charm you at every corner.

Il monumentale complesso conta 1200 stanze e 1742 finestre, dispone di 1026 fumaroli e 34 scale. Oltre alla costruzione perimetrale rettangolare, il palazzo ha, all’interno del rettangolo, due corpi di fabbricato che s’intersecano a croce e formano quattro vasti cortili interni di oltre 3.800 m² ciascuno.

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Sea Tours and Sightseeing

Capri/Amalfi Coast Boat Tour

The amalfi coast is an environment rich in coves and bays. Discover all the secrets in this experience on the sea.
Scopri tutti i segreti in questa esperienza sul mare.

A journey through the myths and legends of our land, an experience that will offer you the opportunity to start the day in the historic port of Sorrento or from the nearest port to your accommodation in the amalfi coast, for an unforgettable tour of the islets and caves are the most famous and characteristic of the island of Capri. Sailing on a typical boat craft in the area of Sorrento, you will have the unique opportunity to admire one of the greatest natural wonders, the famous Faraglioni. With our skilled captains will also have the possibility to enter the Cave of the Coral, the White Grotto, the Green Grotto and in the Blue Lagoon, capturing beautiful images and memories detectors. The tour will be in the fishing town of Nerano, where you will have the possibility to have lunch in an exclusive restaurant on the beach. The skipper will give you time to swim in some of the best places in the area.


  • Visit the natural reserve of the bay of Ieranto
  • Explore the caves
  • Lunch in Nerano


  • Snorkeling

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Mozzarella | Pizza | Cooking Class | Wine Tasting

La costa amalfitana è un mix di cultura e tradizione. Scopri i sapori della dieta mediterranea con queste esperienze di classe dedicate al cibo e alla degustazione.

The Tour

Select location along the coast, whether you choose the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, your day will always be a surprise and a pleasant culinary adventure!

Olives, lemons, chestnuts, oranges, cheese, milk, meats, and products of the agriculture in general. The Amalfi Coast is an endless medley of vegetables, fruits and natural products. The roman colonies already from the first settlements in the ancient, still visible when traveling the roads that date back to the valleys near the coast line, have formed the hard rock, creating terraces terraced subtracting ridges of rock to the nature, blending with it have cleverly exploited the characteristics of the soil and of the various aquifers to subtract surfaces and steep cliffs, turning them into the land devoted to agriculture. In this context and with the favor of the climate, birth to age-old recipes that will take you to the ‘Mediterranean Diet’.

Discover the secrets of cooking healthy, genuine, spontaneous and healthy.

You will be followed in the preparation of meals, and why not: even the famous mozzarella!

Degusterai your preparations in the company of one of the most spectacular views that the coast has to offer us.

From the first course to the dessert, what do you say to jumping with one of the local recipes?

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Great people. Fantastic tours. Beautiful Italy.


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