Amalfi Coast, ITALY

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Meeting of views: Praiano

The skyline that characterizes this charming town is highlighted by jagged coasts overlooking the sea, inlets, small coves and caves that make Praiano one of the most beautiful cities of the Amalfi Coast.

Discover Positano!

For lovers of walks between narrow streets and stairs, Positano is certainly a fascinating destination and will not miss the expectations of those who decide to immerse themselves in their daily life. Let's find out and get ready to write down some little advice and lots of curiosities.

Time travel: Amalfi

There is no need to suggest that you include Amalfi in your travel itinerary, since it is the center from which everything began a few centuries ago and we are sure that the wonders hidden in the narrow alleys and the ancient architecture will frame your walk. Although Amalfi deserves at least a weekend, we will try to focus at least on the main places to visit in one day.

Ravello in 8 steps

Almost hidden from the rest of the coastal villages that sit on the edge of the sea, Ravello looks at all his companions from an enviable position of dominance clinging to the rock on the prominent ridge of the ‘Lattari’ Mountains that frame the entire coast.

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